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WATCH: Fox’s Ed Henry And Kellyanne Conway Have Tense Exchange Over Trump Saying He Plans to Cut Entitlements

Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, joined Fox News’s America’s Newsroom Friday morning to defend the commander-in-chief’s remarks Thursday night on cutting entitlement programs – a comment on which he is now backtracking.

The tense exchange between co-host Ed Henry and Conway unraveled with the White House advisor stating that the Fox News host was “misquoting” Trump.

“He appears something he tries to clean up this morning,” Henry began, and proceeded to read a Trump tweet from Friday morning. “He just tweeted, ‘I will protect your Social Security and Medicare just as I have for the past three years.”

Henry then told Conway, “You were there at that town hall; he said the opposite. He said in his second term would cut Social Security and Medicare and cut entitlement programs. Why did he say that?”

Conway fired back, “He didn’t say that. You are misquoting him.” She added, “When I talked to him after I said there were some articles and Twitter traffic that says the following and he said no, I’m talking about cutting deficits.”

Henry then interjected with a question.

“How do you do that, Kellyanne? You have to do that by cutting programs. We have the sound bite and I will let you react.”

Fox News then played a clip from Trump’s town hall, in which he told Fox anchor Martha MacCallum of his plan to cut entitlements.

“[I]f you don’t cut something in entitlements, you will never really deal with the debt,” MacCallum told Trump.

“Oh, we’ll be cutting,” the president replied.

Conway claimed Trump was “not talking about cutting entitlements.”

“His press secretary put out a statement last night, and that is not what he was referring to…He was talking about the booming economy and also talked about the deficit in terms of — I loved actually his illustration that we can have a foreign country running up the hill of the White House to take us over but I balanced the budget or we reduced the deficit. He inherited a big deficit.”

“He made very clear the previous president exploded the deficit beyond anything that the prior presidents combined had done,” Conway continued.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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