WATCH: Hannity Absolutely Lights Up CNN in Wild Show Opener Amid Flap Over Trump Tower Report


During his opening monologue Wednesday night, Sean Hannity went after CNN for their July bombshell report about President Donald Trump allegedly knowing about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in advance during the election.

Here’s a recap: CNN reported that according to anonymous sources, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claimed the candidate knew about the meeting between his son Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer. However, Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis walked back the claim and revealed himself to be one of the anonymous sources cited in the report, despite the report saying that Davis declined to comment. CNN, nonetheless, is standing by its report — saying that it had more than one source.

Hannity played a montage of CNN’s “breathless” on-air reporting at the time.

“We now know that the source for the report- the main source for that report was Michael Cohen’s attorney, our old friend Lanny Davis, who  backpedaled and reversed his story, making all the reporting you just saw Fake News at its worst,” Hannity told his viewers. “And it’s just the latest of a long list of shady anti-Trump reporting from CNN, the ‘S-hole Network, the ‘Stormy Daniels Network,’ and the Russia Russia Russia Network.'”

The Fox News opinion host also mocked CNN’s defense of Carl Bernstein, who Trump went after on Twitter.

“So much for objectivity,” Hannity reacted.  “‘Make no mistake’ they try to lecture the president. ‘CNN did not lie!’ Really?!? ‘We report the news when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our own reporting and our reporters There may be many fools in this story but  Carl Bernstein isn’t one of them.’ Yes, he is! And CNN wonders why crowds of Americans have singled them out. ‘CNN sucks!’ They say it. They chant it. They scream it and the network can’t admit when they get something wrong.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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