Watch Hillary Clinton Make a Cameo in The Daily Show‘s ‘Song For Women 2017’

2017 was quite the year for women. So The Daily Show thought it was appropriate in their yearly recap special to acknowledge some of their biggest moments in a song.

Correspondants Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan collaborated to write the anthem while Roy Wood Jr. who served as the music producer, wanted to support women “like the underwire of a bra and just lift them.”

The song covered a lot of ground, including The Women’s March, Elizabeth Warren‘s “persistence,” Saudi women being able to drive cars, the South Korean President Park Geun-hye‘s impeachment, Wonder Woman being a box office hit, to Beyoncé Knowles‘ twins. But they also took a swipe at NBC’s Megyn Kelly.

“Megyn Kelly went to NBC from Fox, $17 million for a show that sucks,” they sang.

Unfortunately, “DJ Mansplain” aka Michael Kosta crashed the song to tell “what really happened” in 2017.

“Men are from Mars, women- they’re from Venus, nobody like’s a surprise penis,” Kosta rapped, “but maybe you asked for it, it’s kinda on you. We men are dumb, we can’t control what we do.”

Sloan then asked Hillary Clinton to “take us home.”

It then cuts to the Democratic candidate in a recording booth belting out a solo. And judging from her brief appearance in this song, perhaps she could have won on American Idol?

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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