WATCH: Jake Tapper Tears Into Trump, Pence for ‘Feeding the American People Lies’ About Pandemic


Jake Tapper opened his show Friday blasting the Trump administration for lying to the American people about the coronavirus following the new White House task force briefing.

Tapper said the White House is minimizing the “looming disaster” in a number of states seeing spikes in cases, telling viewers, “The president and vice president continue to feed the American people lies about the state of this pandemic and their administration’s failures to rise to the moment.”

He called out Vice President Mike Pence for his comments about reopenings and the state of the US coronavirus response that “simply do not square with the facts.”

“The reality is we’re in a much better place with the efforts President Trump mobilized at the federal level,” Pence said. “We slowed the spread. We flattened the curve. We saved lives.”

“Now it’s true that things might be better today than weeks ago when 2,000 Americans were dying from Covid-19 every single day, but the curve has not flattened,” Tapper shot back. “The opposite is true.”

He noted how Thursday marked the highest one-day increase in cases during the pandemic in the U.S. thus far, saying the U.S. is far from flattening the curve.

“The response has not been a success,” Tapper concluded. “It has been one of the least successful responses in the entire world. President Trump’s desire for this pandemic to be over does not make it over. In fact, the lies, including the projections we heard today of this false sense of security, these lies could likely make the pandemic even worse.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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