WATCH: John Oliver Dedicates Entire Episode to Ripping ‘Judge Animal House’ Brett Kavanaugh


John Oliver dedicated an entire episode of Last Week Tonight to dissecting — and brutally mocking — Brett Kavanaugh‘s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“We need to talk about Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee and walking crushed beer can,” Oliver started. The HBO host took a look at Christine Blasey Ford‘s “brave and compelling” testimony, before moving on to Kavanaugh’s — which was, per Oliver, just “weird.”

“He’s crying at the memory of lifting weights at his friend Tobin’s house!” Oliver said. “I hate to say it, but I’m starting to think that men might be too emotional for the Supreme Court…”

Oliver noted that Kavanaugh became “outright hostile” when Sen. Amy Klobuchar questioned him on his alcohol consumption, and fired back at the Democrat by asking if she ever blacked out from drinking.

“OK, so first, aside from being deeply disrespectful, have you is just not the answer of an innocent person. If you ask someone if they ever blew a dog and they go, ‘I don’t know, have you?’ That person blew a dog! He blew a fucking dog. And in all likelihood not just one, either,” Oliver joked. “That surly tone was emblematic of Kavanaugh’s demeanor throughout the hearing—not the tone of a man who hopes to one day have the honor of serving on the Supreme Court, but the tone of someone who feels entitled to be on it, and frankly can’t believe that you’re being such a dick about this.”

Oliver also argued Kavanaugh was “significantly misstating the facts” when he characterized the evidence corroborating Ford’s account of the party where she claims he assaulted her.

Oliver then went after Kavanaugh for his “Trumpian” strategy of claiming a grand leftwing conspiracy orchestrated to smear him.

“It is worth taking a moment now to note the norm that has just been shattered, because I know that we’re all basically callous to people talking that way now, but we are supposed to have at least nine people left in America who do not talk that way, and yet Kavanaugh just all but came out and said that he’s going to approach his entire tenure as one giant case of ’me vs. the fucking libtard cucks,” Oliver said.

Watch above, via HBO.

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