WATCH LIVE: John Dean Testifies Before Congress on Obstruction of Justice


John Dean, former White House counsel to Richard Nixon and political contributor to CNN, will appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday to testify about his experiences with obstruction of justice. The hearing is scheduled for 2:00 P.M. ET.

The hearing, officially entitled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes,” is expected to gravitate around the ongoing questions of whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice as per the findings of Robert Mueller. Trump’s critics continue to call for his impeachment because of Mueller’s conclusions, even as the president lashed out at the special counsel over the weekend while calling Dean a “CNN sleazebag.”

Dean’s testimony will most certainly revolve around the explosive revelations he gave on the Watergate scandal.

The former White House counsel became a notorious star witness back in 1973 when he turned against his former boss and said the Nixon Administration tried to conceal their orchestration of a burglary at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters. Dean initially tried to assist the administration’s endeavors, but became convinced that Nixon was preparing to make him a scapegoat, so he provided testimony that became a major contributing factor to the former president’s resignation.

In his commentary for CNN, Dean often expresses his view that Trump’s actions to obstruct justice are worse than Watergate. As such, he will most likely to be asked to elaborate on how he compares the Watergate scandal to America’s current political juncture, particularly when it comes to Don McGahn.

Watch above, via House Judiciary Committee Hearings.

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