WATCH: President Trump Addresses DACA Deal: ‘The Wall Will Come Later’

President Donald Trump briefly addressed the press while departing the  White House on his way to visit Hurricane ravaged Florida, and took a few questions regarding the alleged deal he made with Democratic leadership over DACA.

Speaking over the roar of Marine One’s helicopter blades whirring, Trump explained that regarding the campaign promise of “Build the Wall” that “the wall will come late” adding “we are renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, and making it brand-new and doing a lot of renovations. We are building four different samples of the wall to see which one we are going to choose and the wall is going to be built and it will be funded later.”

This strongly suggests that he will proceed with a deal on DACA with Democrats and address wall funding at a later, perhaps more politically expedient time. Are we watching an enormous pivot from the pro-Bannon nationalist approach to a more inclusive and triangulating centrist? Maybe.

Or maybe things will change tomorrow morning depending on how the President tweets. We will see!

Watch the clip above via CNN.

–image via screen capture —

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