WATCH: Terrified Reporter Screams as Bridge Collapses While She’s On It During Live Local News Hit


Don’t let anyone tell you that being a local news reporter is an easy gig.

FOX 46 Reporter Amber Roberts and Photojournalist Jonathan Monté are lucky to have come out of a report on Thursday’s massive flooding in the Alexander County, North Carolina area, after a portion of the bridge they were standing on broke off and fell into the raging waters beneath them, all during a live television report.

The shot starts with Roberts directing Monté to zoom in on a dangerously sagging portion of the bridge (foreshadowing) before cutting to crazy visuals of a flooding stream below. As the camera returns to the bridge we hear Roberts scream, and see the portion of the bridge disappear.

The FOX 46 crew was able to quickly and safely move off of the bridge, as viewers hear the understandably freaked out voices of the in-studio anchors pleading with their crew to look after their safety.

Watch above via Fox46 Charlotte.

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