Watch the Commercial That Hallmark Channel Pulled After Pressure From Anti-LGBTQ Groups

The Hallmark Channel pulled ads for wedding planning company Zola featuring a same-sex couple after pressure from several anti-LGBTQ groups, which prompted Zola to pull all of their ads from the network.

The Advocates Tracy Gilchrist reports that Zola, a company that helps couples plan weddings online, has ended their relationship with The Hallmark Channel after the network pulled ads featuring a lesbian couple:

Following pressure from anti-LGBTQ groups including One Million Moms, the Hallmark Channel pulled four ads from wedding registry site Zola that feature lesbian nuptials, while keeping two Zola ads that don’t include the same-sex wedding narrative. Now, Zola has pulled the entire campaign from the Hallmark Channel and canceled all of its advertising with the network “for the foreseeable future,” a spokesperson told The Advocate.

However, the ads that feature two women getting married is still airing on several other networks and is streaming on Hulu.

Zola created six different ads for its campaign that ran on Hallmark, four of which included the same-sex couple. When Hallmark pulled the four ads featuring the gay couple but left the two ads that featured only opposite-sex couples, Zola made the decision to pull all of the ads, according to the spokesperson.

“Hallmark has now pulled our ads featuring the same-sex couple. We decided to cancel all our advertising on Hallmark and pull the remainder of our ads,” Zola officials told The Advocate in a statement.

Gilchrist also noted that Hallmark Channel recently said it would be open to producing a Christmas movie featuring a same-sex couple.

Watch the ad above via Zola.

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