WATCH: The View ERUPTS As Meghan McCain Blasts Joy Behar For Claiming Republicans Don’t Care About Children


The View hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got heated discussing Betsy DeVos’ plan to reopen schools in the fall — clashing over Behar’s claim that Republicans don’t care about education or children.

McCain began by questioning DeVos’ media training after The View played a clip of CNN’s Dana Bash grilling the secretary of education on Sunday– noting that she should be doing better in interviews when children’s lives are on the line.

Behar couldn’t help but laugh at the criticism, prompting McCain to snap back, “You’re laughing, Joy, but it’s quite serious.” She added that she was a proponent of bringing children back to schools in order to help single moms and essential workers.

“I think that everyone from Betsy DeVos on down, Republicans, Democrats, as far as I’m concerned, vote everybody out on both sides from the ground up because I’m so sick of our paying taxpayer dollars to come up with absolute jack five months in for the children of America,” she added.

Behar explained to McCain that she laughed at her comments because media training and communication are the least of DeVos’ issues.

“She sucks, so according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 1.5 million teachers are at greater risk of serious illness if infected by the coronavirus. 1 in 4 teachers. That’s a lot. Do you know what really is making — amusing me today, is this idea that the Republican party cares about education,” Behar snapped.

“They have been spending the last few decades defunding education, and they think that we’re going to believe this baloney that they’re throwing at us now that they care about our children? Give me a break. Donald Trump only cares about getting re-elected. Full stop, and we know from John Bolton and other sources right on the front lines with him that that is his ultimate goal. That’s all he cares about.”

McCain took offense to Behar’s claim that Republicans don’t care about either education or children, pointing to teachers’ unions.

“Well, I don’t think it’s fair to say Republicans don’t care about children. I mean, that’s very aggressive and incendiary,” McCain said. “I think what’s exhausting is coming on the show every day and being told that Republicans don’t care about anything. We just want people to die. We want children not to be educated and nothing matters.”

The spat continued after the commercial break and Behar tried to explain that she was only talking about Republican leaders, not voters, when she made her comments on education.

“As the only Republican in mainstream media, when you talk like that, it puts us on the defense because it sounds accusatory. Republicans don’t care about X. Republicans don’t care about why Y. I vote Republican. I’m voting for these people. So the implication is that I don’t care about them,” McCain explained.

“So when you’re talking about schools, Fairfax county is used as an example of one of the worst examples of public schooling and how they’ve handled this crisis and how they’ve handled remote learning. And that is in Virginia, and that’s with a Democrat governor in place running it. So there is a lot of blame to go around. All I want is for us at this show to lead by example and not be part of the problem and come in being accusatory about how all Republicans –”

“You have idiots, like Desantis,” Joy interrupted, leading McCain to yell, “When you attack Republicans in power, you are attacking their voters, and it’s going to help him get re-elected, Joy! It’s going to help him get re-elected!”

Whoopi Goldberg threatened to cut back to commercial again, prompting McCain to put the blame on Behar: “I didn’t bring this up. We moved on to a different topic, Joy brought it up!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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