WATCH: White House Panel Explodes After Pro-Trumper Insists No White House Apology Needed for Vile McCain Joke


A CNN panel got heated on Friday after Trump supporter Paris Dennard suggested that the White House should not apologize after staffer Kelly Sadler made a rude remark about Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) “dying.”

“I don’t think the White House meaning Sarah Sanders needs to apologize…This is not something that the president said or did or the White House in an official capacity did,” Dennard said, before suggesting what she said was not really “a joke” because Sadler was actually referring to the fact McCain wouldn’t be on the floor to vote.

Tara Setmayer, a former GOP communication director, was clearly taken aback by Dennard’s remarks.

Calling the whole thing “callous” and “shameful,” she argued that the real problem was a lack of respect for McCain that came straight from Trump.

“She is a representative of the White House…To suggest otherwise is disingenuous,” she began. “Donald Trump has made multiple comments, disparaging comments about John McCain. He continues to do so. He has no respect for John McCain’s service. John McCain is an American hero.”

She continued on: “Donald Trump is a coward and he doesn’t have anywhere close to the level of honor, and integrity and courage that John McCain has shown for this country.  For this White House to sit here and just dismiss a comment like that of something so disrespectful it really is indicative of how far we have fallen and it is shameful.”

Then after saying John Kelly should have fired her, she stressed that then again, this is the same White House that “defended a wife beater.”

Even after things heated up, though, Dennard was not dissuaded and continued to insist the White House did nothing wrong.

“I have said things on the air which I regret,” Dennard argued on, promoting a new wave of heated responses. “It is not the job of CNN to apologize because I am a CNN commentator. I took responsibility for my actions. That is what you do when you have integrity.”

Watch the whole heated exchange above, via CNN.

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