‘What?’ Gasp Heard on Fox News as The Five Reports Trump Indictment


Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, who was guest-hosting The Five, was on hand Thursday to break the historic news that Donald Trump will be indicted in New York City – a first for a former president of the United States.

Smith cut into a rant by Jesse Watters on trans athletes in women’s sports to announce the news and as she did, an audible gasp that could be heard in the background as someone else expressed disbelief, saying, “What?”

“Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a grand jury in New York,” Smith announced as the sounds of shock could be heard.

“Trump was under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for his alleged hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign. So as we await more information, Fox News has just learned from two law enforcement sources that Trump has been indicted. Perhaps I can go around the table. Katie, I’ll start with you first,” Smith concluded.

Katie Pavlich, who was guest-hosting for Judge Jeanine Pirro, quickly pivoted and offered her take.

“Well, the president said two weeks ago that this was going to happen eventually, that it would happen last Tuesday, the grand jury then did not convene for two days in a row and the grand jury was out of town, allegedly for a month as of yesterday,” Pavlich began, before offering some standard talking points on the topic from the right:

So this is quite interesting to hear after they were sent home for the month. Now, leading up to this, there was a lot of talk about whether those would even happen, considering Alvin Bragg, who is the Manhattan district attorney who is looking into bringing these charges, would be able to just given how long it’s been since these this incident and it was allegedly a misdemeanor charge.

It’s never been happened [sic] in the history of the New York attorney’s office before. And there has been a lot of controversy about whether it was appropriate, given the president is a presidential candidate again and whether it was politically motivated as a result of this district attorney not having the authority to bring it.

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