‘What’s the Case? You Need a Case!’ Geraldo Rivera Clashes With Jeanine Pirro, Says Trump Needs to ‘Recognize the Reality’ Election Is Over

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera got combative on The Five Friday as he argued that President Donald Trump needs to “recognize the reality” that the election is over and he lost.

Rivera, a Trump ally who recently spoke with the president, said he understands where the president is coming from because he “was absolutely assaulted from the second he took office” and the Democrats “did everything they could to undermine him,” bringing up the Russia saga in particular.

“I understand how angry he has about the way he was treated. I understand why that may translate into now I’m not going to give up when they did so many bad things to me,” Rivera went on to add. “But I love the guy, and I just want him to recognize the reality that this is over.”

Jeanine Pirro immediately teed off on him and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

When Rivera pointed out that Joe Biden got millions more votes than Trump, Pirro asked, “Do you really believe that?”

Geraldo said he does.

Pirro went after the Georgia secretary of state before saying coronavirus “was used as a ruse as much willy-nilly voting as possible.”

“But judge, what’s the case? You need a case,” Rivera shot back. “What’s the case that these facts are salient to? Where is the lawsuit filed? Which court is it? State court, federal court? What is the issue? Is it a constitutional issue? Is it a statutory issue?”

At one point Greg Gutfeld jumped in saying the rest of the media is being hypocritical before adding that “if this is overturned and Trump wins” there’s going to be rioting.

“Do you hear yourself?” Rivera asked. “‘If the election of the president of the United States is overturned’?! Please, Greg!”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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