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Whoopi Goldberg: If You Want a Parade, Mr. President, ‘You Pay for It’

President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to begin organizing a grand military parade, after experiencing something akin to pageantry envy upon witnessing France’s Bastille Day parade.

Of course, parades cost money and military parades cost even more money. Moving all of that heavy machinery around is not cheap.

Whoopi Goldberg, during today’s The View, called the president out for attempting to make taxpayers foot the bill for this extravagant show of military might.

“Right now, in America, we’ve got a tax cut costing the US, you know, $1.5 trillion, a border wall, they say, is gonna be $25 billion and the government on the verge of another shutdown,” she said. “So, you know who in the White House has a very special thing he wants to do. He wants to throw a big blowout military parade, with tanks and troops marching through D.C.”

Goldberg continued, suggesting the president himself should pay for it, since he’s so rich.

“You know who always says he’s got money, he’s a billionaire,” she said. “You pay for it. Quite honestly, if you want to see it, you ought to do it. I feel like that about the wall. You want this wall? You should be kicking money in.”

Co-host Meghan McCain chimed in, adding that the money spent on the parade could actually be used to, you know, help veterans instead of using them as props in a parade.

“I think in the era when we have over 9 million veterans enrolled in VA healthcare, and 40,000 veterans who are homeless, I think that money can be better spent.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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