Whoopi Goldberg Seethes Over Inaction to Stop School Shootings After Colorado Tragedy: ‘Poop or Get Off the Pot’


The View had a weighty conversation, on Thursday, about what the country is supposed to do with regard to guns and student safety following the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado.

Whoopi Goldberg and Abby Huntsman started things off by asking how many times the country needs a wake-up call to do something about school shootings. Huntsman remarked that kids are forced to live with this issue because of political inaction. And Joy Behar followed, fuming that it’s a “shame of this country” that “we have so many feckless leaders who do nothing” every time shootings happen.

“How many children have to die before somebody does something?” Behar asked.

Meghan McCain brought up the mental health element of school shootings, saying the country needs a “wholistic” conversation about student safety that goes beyond gun laws. The panel agreed that children’s mental health is a valid subject to be discussed.

And Goldberg topped off the discussion by saying politicians have to, at least, do something before more kids have to think about dying at school.

“We either have to poop or get off the pot because this is no longer acceptable. We’ve seen it take the lives of little tiny kids, we’ve seen it take the lives of 18-year-olds, and at some point we’re gonna have to figure this out, or we’ll have a whole bunch of kids who are moving this way because they don’t want to be shot. That should never be what you think about at school.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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