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Colorado Shooting

Limbaugh: ‘Practically Every’ School Shooter ‘Inspired’ by Leftism

Denver Post Stealth Edits Out ‘Socialist’ from Profile of Arapahoe School Shooter

NBC Anchor and Colorado Native ‘Choked Up’ Over ‘Sickening’ Centennial Shootings: ‘Why?’

Judge Accepts Insanity Plea In Colorado Theater Shooting Trial Of James Holmes

Colorado Gov. To CNN: ‘Video Games’ May Be The Reason ‘Assault Weapons Are Used’ In Mass Shootings

Fox News Reporter To Be Subpoenaed In Colorado Theater Shooting Case

Aurora Shooter James Holmes Formally Charged

Dane Cook Takes Heat For Joking About Aurora Shooting In Stand Up Set

Ted Nugent Says Dianne Feinstein Is ‘Literally Going Berserk’ Over Gun Control

CNN/Fox Experience Ratings Boost, MSNBC A Decline During Colorado Shooting Coverage

Michael Moore Asks President Obama: What If It Were Your Daughters Killed Last Week In Aurora?

Autistic Activist To Joe Scarborough: ‘I Am Not A Murderer’

Former Secret Service Psychologist Says Only 5% Chance James Holmes Was ‘Faking’ In Court

Gun Sales Reportedly Spike Following Aurora Theater Shooting Tragedy

James Holmes’ Mother Clarifies ABC News’ Out Of Context Quote Via Attorney

Warner Bros. Reportedly Deleting Entire ‘Theater Shooting Sequence’ From Upcoming Film Gangster Squad

Rush Limbaugh Calls Out Media For Blaming Him, Tea Party For Aurora Shooting

Autistic Journalist Demands Joe Scarborough Retract Comments Linking Autism To Aurora Shooting

Rapper Ice-T Defends Gun Rights After Colorado Shooting: ‘The Last Form Of Defense Against Tyranny’

A Smart Move: Axelrod Restarts The Campaign With Anti-Romney Tweets

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