‘Wow That’s Pretty Incredible’: Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Stunned By Huge Job Report Numbers


Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo praised the July jobs report released on Friday as “pretty incredible.”

White House correspondent Edward Lawrence broke down the numbers:

Employment rose 528,000 in July, a big beat, the unemployment rate down to 3.5 percent. 3.5 percent, that is a decrease in unemployment rate. When you look inside some of these numbers, you see employment professional business services, that increased 89,000 in July employment and healthcare rose by 70,000 in July. In the government rose by 57,000.

Employment and construction increased by 32,000, it’s interesting that construction employment of 82,000 now 82,000 higher than … February of 2020 levels, so construction has come back and then some. Manufacturing increased by 30,000 jobs in July. Social assistance added 27,000 jobs retail trade was up by 22,000 in July. That was big one. Retail trade is now 208,000 jobs, above its pre-pandemic levels, transportation and warehousing added 21,000 jobs.

Lawrence continued with the figures surrounding hourly wages and there being more jobs added in the private sector than the public sector.

The average hourly wages, those went up 5.2 percent year-over-year. That is an increase from last month. You look at information employment continue upward trend, financial activities continue that upward trend. If you look within this nonfarm payroll, it says the employment increased to 22 million people reaching a low in April of 2020, it has now returned to its pandemic level, its pre-pandemic level, so the private sector is now 629,000 higher than February of 2020.

Government employment is 597,000 lower than pre-pandemic levels, so you have that mix there. So you have private sector above, the government hiring is below. But again, leisure and hospitality adding 96,000 jobs as growth continues. This was a huge beat, Maria, 528,000 jobs in July added back. The unemployment rate to 3.5 percent.

“Wow, that’s pretty incredible,” said Bartiromo, a critic of the Biden administration.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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