‘You’re Saying a Bunch of Crap!’: CNN Interview Goes OFF THE RAILS as Brianna Keilar Battles Trump Adviser Mercedes Schlapp on Mail-in Voting


Brianna Keilar and Mercedes Schlapp had a major-league slugfest on Tuesday as the CNN host interrogated the Trump 2020 campaign adviser on President Donald Trump’s apparent flip-flop on mail-in voting.

The conversation revolved around Trump’s statement that mail-in voting is “safe and secure” for Florida, which comes after the president claimed numerous times (without proof) that mail-in voting perpetuates nationwide electoral corruption. When Schlapp joined Keilar, she was instantly confronted on Trump’s 180.

“Why the reversal and is that true in other states too?” Keilar asked.

Schlapp launched into a claim that numerous states have faulty processes to handle mail-in voting and insinuated that mail-in votes could fraudulently change election results. This prompted Keilar to invoke numerous studies that identified only a handful of voter fraud instances, which were “statistically insignificant” by comparison to Schlapp’s claim.

“Don’t muddy the waters here. This is extremely important,” Keilar told Schlapp.

The two continued to lock horns over alleged ballot harvesting, the semantics of voter fraud, and the fact that more people are using mail-in votes because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This clash sustained itself for several minutes before Keilar accused Schlapp of impugning the peoples’ right to vote with her attempts to sow doubt about the legitimacy of elections.

“Why are you villianizing mail-in voting which would give people the ability to practice their right as an American and vote?” Keilar asked.

“I’m going to ask you again, do you think it is okay after November 3rd to be able to cast a ballot three days after or seven days after the election,” Schlapp responded with a question.

The two continued to talk across each other until the conversation fully derailed with Keilar saying “This is just pointless, okay? This is pointless. I get it, you’re just saying a bunch of crap. Okay? You’re saying a bunch of crap.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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