comScore Bloomberg Criticized For Complaining About Sign in Flint, MI

Bloomberg Criticized For Complaining About ‘Eat the Rich’ Sign in Flint, Michigan


Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg was criticized and mocked on Monday after his campaign complained about an “Eat the Rich” sign which was placed outside their offices in Flint, MI.

After Bloomberg’s campaign posted a photo of the sign on Twitter, along with the caption “America deserves better,” social media users were quick to point out that there are currently bigger issues in Flint.

“Is this the most important thing happening in Flint, Michigan?” questioned journalist Yashar Ali.

Some users pointed out that Bloomberg financially backed Rick Snyder, the former Republican Governor of Michigan who has been blamed for the Flint water crisis.

Others claimed Bloomberg could have singlehandedly fixed the Flint water situation with less money than he spent on his presidential campaign over the past few months.

Bloomberg reportedly gave $3 million to Gov. Snyder in 2014.

“For years, state health officials in Michigan have set the official death toll for the Legionnaires’ outbreak amid the Flint water crisis at 12 people,” reported the Washington Post. “But during the roughly year-and-a-half the outbreak spanned, Frontline reporters found that 115 people in Flint died of pneumonia.”

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