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Chris Crocker Reprises Iconic ‘Leave Britney Alone’ Performance in Honor of Trump

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-10-28-29-amAn Internet icon has reprised the role the made him famous, all in the name of ridiculing the President-elect.

When you expand President-elect Donald Trump‘s tweets, you’ll usually see a few names near the top of the replies that you are familiar with. There are people on Twitter who have dedicated themselves to responding to him with lightning speed. It’s their whole schtick. One of the names, however, might be a little more recognizable than others, but maybe you can’t quite remember where you’ve heard it.

That name is Chris Crocker and while he’s known today as a Trump agitator on Twitter, he rose to prominence in 2007 when his tearfully-vlogged plea for the American public and press to “leave Britney [Spears] alone!” made him an overnight sensation. Remember that? The tagline has been a popular refrain in pop culture for nearly a full decade now.

As one of the first true viral video stars, he learned how vicious anonymous trolls can be to Internet celebrities, but he also came out on top as a songwriter, comedian, and well-adjusted guy who doesn’t make crying videos anymore. That’s why he’s made it known that he has no sympathy for Trump. When Trump complained that the press is unfair to him, Crocker responded with this:

Now that Trump is lashing out at Meryl Streep for dedicating an acceptance speech at last night’s Golden Globes to lambasting him, Crocker is at it again. This time, he stuck to the tried and true formula. That’s right: he took it back ten years to say, “Leave Trump alone!”

He took the PEOTUS to task for mocking a disabled reporter, as Streep did, then sarcastically said, “You liberals are the most whiny cry-babies ever! All that Tomi Lahren and people like me are trying to do is get you guys to realize: give him a chance! He only tweets about Meryl Streep at 6 in the morning because of what she said because his feelings were hurt but you guys are big bullies! We’re tough-skinned! We can take it; you can’t!”

The reference to Lahren came after she went on a tweetstorm against Streep for being whiny and entitled.

Watch above to see Crocker trot out his (in)famous persona once more.

[image: screengrab]

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