‘Breakthrough’: Here’s Steve Jobs Ten Years Ago Today Introducing the iPhone to Everyone’s Disbelief


Today marks exactly ten years since Steve Jobs famously stood on stage at MacWorld and introduced a revolutionary new product called “The iPhone.” The device was, at the time, billed as the perfect blend of the existing and wildly popular iPod, a mobile phone, and an internet communicator.

Jobs, in his signature denim, was clearly a legendary figure in the clip to the cheering audience who exclaims at each of his revelations. “Are you getting it?” he says to the cheering crowd.

“This is one device! This is not three devices!” he says to the disbelief of many in the crowd. “And we are calling it: iPhone. Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.”

As a joke, Jobs revealed an iPod-looking device crossed with a rotary dial, before delving into the crux of his argument: existing “smart phones” as they were known (a primitive Blackberry, for instance) is often times too clunky or confusing for users to easily grasp. “What we want to do is make a leap frog product way smarter than any mobile device has ever been and super easy to use,” he says to more cheers. “So, we’re gonna reinvent the phone.”

To us in 2017, Jobs’s logic seem commonplace, but to a room of people in 2007 would could imagine the iPhone about as well as a Trump presidency, his ideals are enlightening; he chips away at the problems of the old way of doing things — the digital and disparate status quo — in favor of a reinvention. Oohs and aahs break out in the room when the first image of the new iPhone is finally displayed.

Then, there are laughably more fits of confusion when Jobs again jokes about his product: “We’re gonna use a stylus!” And when the Apple founder touts the incredible new “Multi Touch” technology that enables the iPhone’s capabilities, he ends its lengthy achievements with, “…and boy have we patented it!”

And to think, it only took nine-and-a-half years to sell one billion of them.

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