Dan Abrams: First Part of Hearing ‘An Unmitigated Disaster For Kavanaugh’


Mediaite founder and ABC chief legal analyst Dan Abrams didn’t sugarcoat it: Brett Kavanaugh‘s hopes of getting confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court took a serious hit early Thursday morning.

Appearing on ABC’s coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing with Kavanaugh sexual assault accuser Christine Blasey Ford, Abrams said that the early portion of the proceedings — including Dr. Ford’s opening statement, questioning from prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, and questioning from several Democratic Senators — went down horrifically for the judge.

“So far, this his been an unmitigated disaster for Kavanaugh,” Abrams said. “Both procedurally and substantively.”

From a procedural standpoint, Abrams asserted that the morning session’s format — in which Mitchell asked questions five minutes at a time, followed by a Democratic Senator spending five minutes bolstering Ford’s credentials — was working against Republicans.

“It’s a real problem for Republicans,” Abrams said. “I wonder whether they’re going to — at this break — start rethinking how they have to move forward here. Are they going to change strategy and say, you know what, some of us have to be able to get in and speak?”

And then, there was Dr. Ford’s testimony itself — which Abrams believes to be rock solid.

“She comes across credibly,” Abrams said. “And if that’s going to fail, you’re going to need someone to undermine her credibility, and to point out inconsistencies.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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