Dershowitz Dismisses Avenatti ‘Sideshow’: Stormy Daniels’ Case is a ‘Nothing-Case’


During a conversation about Michael Cohen‘s guilty plea, Alan Dershowitz took a number of swings at Michael Avenatti and the supposedly-empty case he and Stormy Daniels are trying to bring against President Trump.

Political observers might get the sense that Dershowitz and Avenatti don’t much care for each other, especially considering the intense clashes they’ve had in the past while debating Trump’s legal standing with regard to Cohen’s hush money payments for Avenatti’s client. As it were, Avenatti became front and center of the news cycle yesterday, thanks to Cohen’s guilty plea stating that Trump ordered him to suppress Daniels.

In the midst of all this, Dershowitz appeared on Fox & Friends today and argued that there’s still no impeachable offense charge to bring against Trump, even with Cohen’s admission. When asked to comment on Avenatti’s prediction about being able to depose the president, he came out swinging and said it would never happen.

“Almost all of Avenatti’s predictions have not come true. He’s also said that the president would resign. The case of Stormy Daniels is a nothing-case. I don’t even know why it’s still in court. The money was paid. The president has been willing to let her say what she wants to say. She’s free to say what she wants to say. I don’t even understand why the case is in court. The case seems to be in court because avenatti wants it to be in court…it is not a case that’s going anywhere. And I think neither avenatti nor Daniels will have any real impact on the outcome of this matter. It is a side show. It’s a side show that’s only there because the media is putting oil on the flames.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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