James Comey on Kavanaugh: ‘Small Lies Matter’


On Thursday night, former FBI director James Comey responded to Brett Kavanaugh‘s testimony by tweeting out, “small lies matter.”

“Small lies matter, even about yearbooks,” Comey wrote. “From the standard jury instruction: ‘If a witness is shown knowingly to have testified falsely about any material matter, you have a right to distrust such witness’ other testimony and you may reject all the testimony of that witness …'”

Comey appeared to be referring to the Democratic senators’ questioning of Kavanaugh over his high school yearbook, including a heated exchange with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

During that exchange, Kavanaugh claimed terms in his yearbook including “Devil’s Triangle,” “FFFFFFFourth of July,” and “boofed” were not referring to conquests or sexual acts but had more innocent meanings.

The Supreme Court nominee called the scrutiny of his yearbook phrases an “absurdity.”

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