Nadler Blasts ‘Terrified’ Barr For Cancelling House Appearance: He’s Trying to ‘Blackmail’ Committee


Shortly after Attorney General William Barr announced that he would not appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning as planned,  Rep. Jerry Nadler suggested that the Attorney General was simply too chicken to appear in front of a skilled attorney to answer questions and that is why he was not planning to show up.

“Attorney General Barr informed us he will not attend tomorrow’s hearing,” Nadler told reporters Wednesday evening, “Given his lack of candor in describing the work of the special counsel, our members were right to insist that staff counsel be permitted to question the Attorney General… When push comes to shove the administration cannot dictate the terms of our hearing in our hearing room.”

The Congressman added: “I will continue to work with the Attorney General to reach access to the full report and underlying evidence but not for much longer. Compliance with congressional subpoenas is not optional and if good faith negotiations don’t result in a pledge of compliance in the next day or two, the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the Attorney general.”

Nadler also said, “He’s trying to blackmail the committee into not following what we think is the most effective means of getting the information we need.”

The congressman was asked by a reporter why he thought Barr was not coming.

Nadler had a theory. Barr, he said, was terrified.

“He is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney,” Nadler said. “I can understand given how dishonest he’s been since March 24, at the latest, I can understand why he is afraid of facing more effective examination. We’re finished.”

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