Scarborough Battles McCaskill Again: ‘Every Single Statement You Make Is a Barb!’


Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has recently reeled off a number of contentious interviews on Morning Joe; just last month we reported on an interview that left co-host Joe Scarborough accusing the Senator of coming to the interview “loaded for bear.” The follow-up two weeks later between McCaskill and co-host Mika Brzezinski was a bit tamer, as Scarborough noticeably removed himself from the segment all together.

This morning, the niceties of discussing McCaskill’s seats at a recent World Series game eventually again dissolved into the idealogical differences between the Democratic Senator and Scarborough, the former GOP Congressman from Florida. As is often the case, the topic of Hillary Clinton is what began to divide the two in the interview. McCaskill has been a fervent support of Clinton’s, even offering an official endorsement of the former Secretary of State in June of 2013 for the 2016 election. “Claire, it’s not a ‘gotcha’ situation,” said Scarborough, regarding Clinton’s recent admission that the Republicans were her biggest enemy.

“[Clinton] made a joke in the debate, and she laughed when she said it,” McCaskill argued. The skirmish quickly jumped to Morning Joe’s recent interview with Charles and David Koch; Scarborough said, “You thought we were too easy on them”.

McCaskill pushed back regarding the Koch brothers, noting “I think there was a lot of angst out here that for the first time these guys, who behind the scenes have been pulling the levers on the wrecking balls to our democracy when it comes to Citizens United…”

Scarborough fired back, “If you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk and not demonize them… You Democrats had an ad about Paul Ryan pushing a grandmother over the cliff!” Shortly after the exchange, Scarborough interrupting McCaskill again to really dig in:

“You know Claire I’m gonna take exception at this point, you keep talking about wanting to have a civil conversation. I invite you to reprint the text of what you have said today and every single statement you make is filled with a barb and an insult.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, Joe,” McCaskill said before offering further explanation. “I didn’t mean to call you guys out,” she said.

Even Brzezinski pushed on McCaskill a bit regarding this week’s Koch brothers interview. “They’re questioning whether they should take this tact again,” said Brzezinski, regarding the influence in previous election that have not yielded success. She continued, “Why would I attack that answer?”

“I get that,” McCaskill admitted sheepishly.

At the end of the segment, McCaskill shot out half-jokingly, “You started it Joe! You wanted the fight.” At the end of the interview however, Scarborough brought it back to the level of civility, saying, “We love Claire, we respect Claire, and we love real conversation.”

Check back with Mediaite for our continuing coverage of future installments of “Morning-Missouri Mayhem: Scarborough v. McCaskill”.

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