Scarborough Rails Against Trump Supporters: ‘No Excuse’ For Ignoring His ‘Blatant’ Racism


Joe Scarborough made the argument on Friday that Donald Trump‘s supporters might not be racist themselves, but they definitely support a racist president.

The Morning Joe segment began with Scarborough saying that Trump’s bigotry is inherently tied to everything he says and does regarding Mexico, ever since he called immigrants from the country “rapists” to kick off his presidential bid.

The Morning Joe host noted what the president said about migrants who “infest our country,” saying that kind of language warrants legitimate comparisons to Nazi and fascist tendencies.

“We shouldn’t use Hitler references…but that really is straight out of Adolf Hitler‘s playbook, so you can be offended if you want, but that’s out of Hitler’s playbook,” Scarborough said. “How does Mike Pence, how do Karen Pence, how do any of these people continue being associated with a man who is now openly bigoted against everybody who is not white and rich?”

The panel discussed how Trump is trying to take advantage of the political division his border and immigration policies have caused, agreeing that Trump’s animosity towards Mexico has been a constant factor of his actions. Scarborough continued to rail against Trump the most though, calling him a “one-trick pony” and saying his fans have no excuse anymore for the fact that they support a racist.

“There is no excuse. He is a racist, he is blatant about his racism. He’s not using a dog whistle to send out his racist messages, he’s using a foghorn,” Scarborough said. “You cannot support this man and just look at the tweets you want to look at and ignore all the other racist comments.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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