Stormy Daniels Friend Talks Plans to Sue Michael Cohen: Calling Me a Liar is ‘Not Okay’


Stormy Daniels‘ friend Alana Evans has shaken up the news cycle a bit today, not only because of her slams against Michael Cohen for calling her a liar, but also because of her claim that the porn star still has the dress she wore during her alleged fling with Trump. Evans has her own plans to sue Cohen, and she appeared on CNN Tonight in order to give Don Lemon the details about the upcoming lawsuit.

When Daniels had her alleged affair with President Donald Trump years ago at Lake Tahoe, Evans was made privy to the affair at the time, and was even invited to join the two of them one night. Evans says that even though she wasn’t involved in the tryst, she can corroborate certain elements of Daniels’ claims about the president.

On Monday night, Evans told Lemon that her suit against Cohen stems from the fact that he and his lawyer gave a statement to The Independent where he called Daniels a liar. Evans was not named in Cohen’s statement, though she insists that the implications were clear since he was reacting to her allegations, and it has caused people to call her a liar as well.

“It’s not okay,” Evans said. “You don’t exactly have to put my name in it for people to know you’re referring to me when you’re denying my story from Tahoe.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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