Trump Clashes With Acosta, White House Aide Tries to Tear Away Mic: ‘You Are a Rude, Terrible Person!’


President Donald Trump clashed with Jim Acosta on Wednesday, derailing his post-midterm press conference as the CNN reporter refused to give up the microphone while the president barked him down.

Acosta’s question was on the migrant caravan that Trump made a fixture of his midterm election messaging.

“It was not an invasion,” Acosta told the president.

“Thank you for telling me that,” Trump snarked. “I appreciate it.”

“Why did you characterize it as such?” Acosta asked.

“Because I consider it an invasion,” Trump replied.

Eventually, the president grew tired of the questioning, telling the White House reporter: “Honestly I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN. And if you did it well, your ratings would be much higher.”

“Ok that’s enough,” Trump said, as Acosta tried to ask a follow up.

A White House staffer tried to yank the microphone out of Acosta’s hand but the reporter held onto it. “Pardon me ma’am,” Acosta said as she backed down.

“That’s enough, put down the mic,” Trump said. “I tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person, you shouldn’t be working for CNN. You’re a very rude person, the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible.”

Trump then turned to Peter Alexander of NBC News, who defended Acosta as a “diligent reporter.”

“Well I’m not a big fan of yours either,” Trump told Alexander.

Acosta shouted a question about “pipe bombs,” and Trump shot back: “When you report fake news, you are the enemy of the people.”

UPDATE: Acosta tweeted his thanks to Alexander for defending him.

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