Uh, Oh, Now Don. Jr Has Lost Fox News’ Napolitano: ‘Warrants Criminal Investigation’


Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News Monday to claim Donald Trump Jr.‘s meeting with a Russian lawyer to acquire damaging information on Hillary Clinton in 2016 warrants a criminal investigation — and could even have been felonious had such information been exchanged.

Napolitano started by doling out some advice to the White House, stating “if I could have advised the president, or Donald Trump Jr., I would have said go to Don McGahn.”

Don McGahn is the current White House legal counsel and was general counsel for the now-president’s campaign.

Napolitano said McGahn, if told of Don Jr.’s meeting, “would have said ‘you want to talk to an ex-KGB/GRU agent and a Russian — person represented as a Russian government lawyer, even though we now know she wasn’t — about research on Hillary? Tell the FBI, don’t bring those guys in here.'”

Fox News’s Sandra Smith asked why a lawyer would have told Don Jr. not to meet with the Russians, the meeting was not criminal, “as Jay Sekulow has been saying.”

Jay Sekulow, a member of the president’s legal team, has maintained that Don Jr.’s meeting with Russians broke no laws.

“It is a crime to receive something of value, when you are a campaign official from a foreign person or a foreign government,” Napolitano replied.

Smith then asked whether it would have been a crime had Don Jr. actually received information from the Russians.

“That would have been a felony, that would have been the completion of a crime,” Napolitano said.

The judicial analyst went on to note that Sekulow has been arguing there is no statute that proves Don Jr.’s actions were criminal, but pointed out that “often, these nonviolent criminal events don’t happen all at once, they happen in stages.”

“So the question is, is this enough to commence a criminal investigation?” Napolitano asked.

“Answer: yes. Because it is suspicious that they met with these people, they didn’t consult a lawyer, and one of these people is a former KGB/GRU.”

“And didn’t tell anybody about it,” Napolitano continued. “Why didn’t Jared Kushner tell the FBI about it when he filled out his national security application unless he was trying to hide something?”

“And if he was trying to hide something, was it that this was a bubbling, foolish thing to do, or that this was the beginning of some steps in furtherance of acquiring this information?” he concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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