Cinnabon Had to Apologize for Carrie Fisher Tweet


By now, you would think it’s obvious you shouldn’t use someone’s death as a means for selling dessert…or anything. No one is trying to be offensive, of course, but you’re going to get a lot of backlash. It’s probably better just to, you know, not. Even if the Tweet isn’t bad. You’re going to have to delete it.

After Carrie Fisher died, Cinnabon Tweeted that she would “always have the best buns in the galaxy.”


After receiving backlash, Cinnabon deleted the Tweet and released an apology.

Lots of people think the backlash and subsequent delete were unnecessary and now, unsurprisingly, the backlash is getting a lot of backlash because 2016.

Earlier this week, Steve Martin also removed a tribute to Fisher amid criticism.

[featured image via Twitter/@Cinnabon]

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