The US Embassy in Turkey Actually Releases Statement to Say We Didn’t Create or Support ISIS

It’s pretty wild that some things need to be said. For instance, we’ve seen statements insisting that a pizzeria in D.C. is not trafficking kids out of the basement with the help of Hillary Clinton. Similarly, President Barck Obama was not born in Kenya and did not found terrorist group ISIS.

Still, so-called “fake news” can have people believing anything, so even the U.S. Embassy in Turkey had to release a statement saying that no, the United States didn’t create ISIS and no, the United States doesn’t support ISIS.

A correspondent for the New York Times who focuses largely on ISIS called the statement “stunning” and said it is “amazing” that such a thing needs to be clarified.

This clarification is just the latest in a string of them but won’t be the last, given that the election season seemingly delivered us into a “fact-free” world.

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