Don’t Worry, You’re Not on Acid, Something’s Just Seriously Wrong With the White House Press Room Audio


If you thought you were having some sort of temporary bout of madness today as you watched the latest press briefing from the White House, don’t be scared. You’re not alone.

Kayleigh McEnany was supposed to be speak with the press on Wednesday about President Donald Trump’s new executive order on policing reforms, and there was a good chance she’d face questions about things like John Bolton’s book and Mike Pence’s op-ed on the coronavirus. Whatever she was going to say though, it was almost totally derailed thanks to a series of technical difficulties that left her audio seriously messed up.

Throughout the briefing, McEnany’s audio had a stadium-like reverb that caused all of her words to echo in a very distracting manner. At other times, it became impossible to stream her remarks when the audio started to abruptly loop or just cut out altogether.

Like the other cable news networks, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner initially tried to air the briefing and encountered the audio problems. She eventually dipped out because of the distortion, and even though she tried to get back in later, Faulkner apologized to viewers for how the audio remained in pandemonium.

This turned out to be a problem for everybody, for the Twitterverse agreed that the bizarre distortions made the briefing almost unintelligible:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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