George Conway Shares Team Trump’s Voter Fraud Hotline Number, Urges Followers to Swamp Them With Prank Calls


Ever since Donald Trump lost the 2020 Election last week, the president’s reelection campaign has been manning the phone lines, taking calls from anyone claiming they witnessed voter suppression or incidents of fraud on Nov. 3. Unfortunately, it’s not going so well for them, and George Conway happens to be part of the reason why.

Trump voter fraud hotline has been drowning in calls from trolls, comedians, and Joe Biden supporters who rang in to mock the president getting canned for re-election. Multiple reports have described how campaign staffers have been bogged down by mockery and false reports, which seems to be a continuation of how TikTok users and online celebrities fooled the Trump campaign months ago with their rally in Tulsa by requesting tickets they never used.

The president’s son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Lara Trump, lashed out at their political opponents in response to the pranks, which have forced the campaign into picking up new phone numbers after previous lines got inundated:

While the Trumps might be angry with those spamming their phone lines, if they want to hold someone responsible, they could lay some of the blame on the husband of former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

In the past 24 hours, Mr. Conway repeatedly shared the Trump campaign’s numbers on Twitter while subtly egging his supports into making a call:

Conway’s colleagues with the Lincoln Project are clearly on board with this endeavor, as evidenced by this tweet from Rick Wilson:

As for Conway himself, he has shared numerous videos people posted of themselves on social media as they trolled the Trump campaign:

Conway also retweeted Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, who recorded himself pranking the campaign at least twice.


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