Texas GOP Candidate — From New Jersey — Mocked For Cowboy Act in New Campaign Ad: ‘All Hat, No Cattle’


A Republican former professional wrestler running for Congress is drawing a ton of mockery for his brazen cosplay as a bull-riding cowboy clearly meant to score political points.

“Big Dan” Rodimer set the scene as a big-time cowpuncher last week when he posted a campaign ad to boost his run in the special election for Texas’s 6th Congressional District.

“Three dirtiest jobs in the world? Professional wrestling, politician, and bull riding,” Rodimer says atop a bull in a stereotypical Southern accent. The ad goes on Rodimer slamming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pushing a bunch of culture war topics, and promoting his completely original slogan of “Make America Texas Again.”

There’s a lot to be said about Rodimer’s over-the-top display here, so let’s break things down one by one.

First, Rodimer’s Southern drawl is completely fake. The Washington Post notes that Rodimer grew up in New Jersey, where he attended a private high school before studying law in Florida.

Second, this is not Rodimer’s first attempt at politics, but he seems to be running with a very different persona than he used to have. Rodimer unsuccessfully ran for office twice, once when he ran for the Nevada legislature in 2018, and again when he ran for Congress in the state last year. During his Congressional run, Rodinger displayed a much more subdued personality than his current incarnate. This was exemplified in a campaign ad where he sat with his family and addressed attacks on his past brushes with the law.

Here’s how the Post summarized his police record:

Two 911 calls in 2018 by [Rodimer’s] then-girlfriend, now-wife, were made public when he ran in Nevada. In the calls, she alleged that Rodimer stole money, jewelry and guns from her. Old arrest records from his college and law school days in Florida also resurfaced. Rodimer was accused of assault three times between 2010 and 2013, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge related to a confrontation at a Waffle House, the Associated Press reported in 2019. He completed a six-week anger management course in exchange for the charge being dropped.

All of that, and there’s also the fact that Rodimer’s bull-riding was clearly staged for the ad. With all of this put together, tons of people are ridiculing Rodimer for his overblown masquerade to pander for votes.

Watch above.

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