attack ads

Clinton Claims Sanders Has Never Faced Negative Ad (Despite Making One Herself)

Trump Fires Back at Jeb with Ad Playing Up Cozy Clinton Connection

Mark Udall Becomes First Senator to Use Emoji in Political Email

The Daily Show Shocked to Find Small Town That Isn’t Swayed by ‘Sleazy’ Attack Ads

Romney Appears On Hannity To Talk Post-Debate Reaction And The ’47 Percent’

The Right Hits Hard At The President While Avoiding The Gutter

Fmr. Dem Senator Evan Bayh: Obama Should ‘Disavow’ Priorities USA Ad

Jon Stewart Mocks Conservative Outrage Toward Priorities USA Ad

Hannity, Sarah Palin Slam Obama’s Hypocrisy In Not Condemning Priorities USA Ad

Wolf Blitzer Grills Donna Brazile Over Priorities USA Ad She Claims To Have Not Seen

DNC ‘Regrets’ Offending Ann Romney With Ad Featuring Dressage Horse

Spare Us The Outrage: The GOP Should Learn To Taste Its Own Medicine

New Romney Ad Features Hillary Clinton Saying ‘Shame On You, Barack Obama’

Study: Since GOP Primaries Ended, Slim Majority Of Campaign Ads Have Been Positive

Playing Off ‘The Artist,’ New PAC Ad Declares Obama ‘The Con Artist’

Bob Schieffer Confronts Gingrich: Some Say You Are Doing Obama’s Work For Him

Summer Takes On Winter In One Of The Best Campaign Ad Parodies Ever

The Meanest Campaign Ads Yet…From John Adams And Thomas Jefferson

GOP Nominee for Alabama Governor Renounces Belief in Evolution Following Attack Ad

RNC Warns Of Obama’s New ‘Breathing,’ ‘Sneezing’ Taxes

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