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Trump Slams Global Supply Chains at Coronavirus Briefing: ‘I Ran Strongly Against China’

President Donald Trump again went after China at Sunday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing, noting that he “ran strongly against China” during his 2016 presidential campaign, and criticizing the use of international supply chains by American manufacturers.

“We should make product in the United States,” said Trump. “The supply chains sounds wonderful. But if one country has a problem, the whole chain is ruined. I ran partially on that and I ran strongly against China.”

“I ran on China and other countries who were ripping off our country,” he continued. “China fully understood that. They are big strong smart people. I wasn’t friendly and it wasn’t a friendly situation. And we ended up making an incredible deal with China for tens of billions of dollars of product.”

“Then the virus came along and I’m not happy. I let them know I’m not happy… This is not a good thing that happened. It came out of China.”

Trump also mentioned the impact that the coronavirus pandemic was having in other countries around the world, “people dying in our country and all over the world, all over the world people are dying…and their economies are shattered.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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