Glenn Beck Turns on Ted Cruz, Says He Should Have Backed Marco Rubio Instead

beckAfter enthusiastically endorsing and campaigning for Ted Cruz in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, radio talk show host Glenn Beck admitted he made an error and said he should have supported Marco Rubio instead.

Beck had just finished a contentious interview with Cruz, in which he quizzed the Texas Senator about supporting Donald Trump after making a public show of not endorsing him. “For the very first time I heard Ted Cruz calculate,” he said after the commercial break.

“And when that happened, the whole thing fell apart for me,” he continued. “And it’s my fault. It’s my fault for believing that men can actually be George Washington.”

“I should have said, ‘You know who can win, you know who could beat Hillary Clinton? Marco Rubio,’” Beck argued. “’And I disagree with him on the Gang of Eight, there’s about 80 % that I do agree with him on. He’s kind of a politician, but he’s a different kind of politician, he’s young politician, he’s a Hispanic, he can win. Let’s go for it.’”

“Instead I said, ‘Let’s find a truly honorable man.’ And that will always let you down. It will always let you down,” he lamented.

“He is still, I believe, a good man. He is just a politician first,” Beck concluded. “I’ve never put him into the category of a politician, and that’s my fault.”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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