Ana Navarro Rips the 2020 Field: It’s ‘Beginning to Look Like a Clown Car’


Political commentator Ana Navarro says she believes the 2020 field of presidential contenders is “beginning to look like a clown car.”

Speaking on The View Friday, Navarro says “I want a Democrat that can beat [President] Donald Trump, and it’s beginning to look like a clown car” to the applause of the audience.

“You know, at some point they’re going to get serious. Running for president shouldn’t be able getting a cable gig or selling a book or ending up on Dancing with the Stars,” Navarro said.

She then gestured to some laughing audience members and said “You guys laugh, but Rick Perry was on Dancing with the Stars.”

Perry, the former GOP presidential candidate and the second contestant eliminated from the dance competition in 2016, is currently Secretary of the Department of Energy in the Trump administration.

(Watch above, via ABC)

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