Bernie Sanders Announces Scaled Back Campaign Schedule After Heart Attack


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced that he would be scaled back his schedule after a heart attack last week: “‘We’re going to change the nature of the campaign a bit. Make sure that I have the strength.”

On CNN’s Outfront, host Erin Burnett assessed the impact of Sanders’ move with New York Times campaign trail reporter, Patrick Healy.

“He has just gone through a major life event with a heart attack. On a human level you expect nothing different. But this could be significant,” Burnett noted.

“Yeah, we don’t hear admissions like this from leading candidates often,” Healy noted. It’s a real acknowledgement of a human condition, the reality is senator Sanders is 78 years old. He had a heart attack last week. He saw a cardiologist today. And then he made the comments.”

Healy noted that Sanders is an intense campaigners, who often does multiple events in a single day. But this health scare, Healy added, has put more attention on his the candidate’s age and health.

“As you say it was even the tone in his voice, Burnett noted. I think we’re going to change the nature of the campaign a bit. It wasn’t said in a bombastic, combative way, it was said sort of like a normal person would say it, who had just had a life re-evaluation.”

“Yeah and that’s a real interesting thing,” Healy said. “In recent days, Erin, we have heard from advisers for the Sanders campaign, that it was ‘Steady as she goes, he was going to be back out there soon,’ nothing was going to change and, then, this admission from Senator Sanders. As we both know well, he is someone often times, when the media is talking, asking tough questions, he can get defensive, you know, he can get intense. But here was a real acknowledgement of some reality.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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