Bernie Sanders Press Secretary Says Young Voters ‘Want Daddy Bernie’


Briahna Joy Gray, national press secretary for Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, says that a new poll shows young voters “want daddy Bernie.”

On Monday morning, Gray tweeted out the results of a new Harvard Institute of Politics poll of young voters, along with the message that “The youths have spoken. They want daddy Bernie.”

Gray explained in a follow-up tweet that this was a reference to a 2016 quote from rap superstar Cardi B, who told fans “Vote for Daddy Bernie, bitch!”

According to the poll Gray cited, Sanders is polling at 31 percent among likely young Democratic presidential primary voters between the ages of 18 and 29, outpacing his next competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden, by eleven points. Beto O’Rourke was in third with ten percent, with no other candidate garnering more than five percent in the poll.

Sanders holds a narrower five point lead in the poll with young women voters, and trails Biden by one point among black voters in the age group, 25-24.

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