Chris Hayes Rallies Anxious Democrats: ‘Con Man’ Trump Is Vulnerable and ‘Really Unpopular’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offered a long pep talk to anxious Democrats after a rough week for the party, reminding them that President Donald Trump remains a historically unpopular and vulnerable incumbent: “This idea he is some terrifying juggernaut is not borne out by the facts.”

During his live show from New Hampshire on the eve of that state’s primary, Hayes started off with a extended soliloquy rallying Democrats dispirited by Trump’s acquittal and the Iowa caucus vote debacle.

“I have noticed and I think this has been something I’ve noticed in conversations with a lot of people here in New Hampshire ,” Hayes noted. “There is this kind of real unmistakable sense of fear among Democrats, particularly coming off of last week, fear of the president being re-elected.”

“People are walking around saying ‘Oh, God, oh God he’s going to win, he’s going to win.’ I think the million or so stories I read about Trump being ascendant were very much overstating the case. The Trump campaign would be more than happy to have you believe that the president, again right across the street right now, is some kind of colossus and that, by the way ,is how he’s planning to win, by projecting that very idea.”

The reality is much different, however, he noted.

“But the idea this is a terrifyingly juggernaut is not borne out by the facts,” Hayes explained. “[Trump] was the beneficiary of not one, but two completely illegal conspiracies to help him get elected. One by the Russian government, the other to cover up his multiple affairs, pulled off by his attorney. With all the thumbs pressing down on the scale he ekes out a 77,000-vote margin to give him an Electoral College victory. Even now after one of his best weeks of polling, he is polling probably where a president should be higher than to win reelection. He’s only at 44%. I mean, a majority of the country not only disapproves of him, a majority wanted the United States Senate to kick the guy out of office.”

“It is also true that Donald Trump agenda at its core is the Republican Party’s agenda,” Hayes continued. “and that that agenda is really unpopular. Today gave us an amazing fantastic example of this core truth. So he’s riding high on his best week ever, 44%, right? And what does he do? He puts out a budget with more than a trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and  Social Security and the Affordable Care Act. And the budget also serves as a reminder, ‘Oh, yeah, by the way, the administration is in court as I speak to you trying to destroy the ACA root and branch.’ Just upend everyone’s health insurance in one fell swoop. The ACA is ten points more popular than the president himself.

“The lesson of that is he is weak,” Hayes summed up. “He is vulnerable politically, he’s beatable. He wants you to believe that he’s strong, but he’s not. He is not a colossus. He’s a con man. Democrats don’t have to be afraid of the guy across the street. They just have to get out there and do the work to beat him. That’s it, no shortcuts.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.


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