CNN’s Brian Stelter Marvels at Huge Ratings for Two-Night Democratic Debates: ‘Remarkable Amount of Interest’

CNN’s Brian Stelter pointed out the big ratings NBC saw for the first Democratic primary, saying: “There is a remarkable amount of interest.”

“I don’t think anybody expected this level of television interest this early on,” Stelter said. “We say 18 million that is a record. That does not include Twitter, YouTube, Facebook. It does not include all the other ways to watch the debates. So there is a remarkable amount of interest.”

Stelter was speaking with Van Jones and S.E. Cupp on S.E. Cupp Unfiltered Saturday.

“Trump figured out that these are not debates, they’re performances,” Cupp noted while asking Jones if he thought there was a standout performance the night of the debates.

“Obviously Kamala Harris. She had a moment that lasted two hours,” Jones said. “Part of the problem that we have is it’s a clown car sort of situation where there is more and more people that have to talk in this process.”

Jones later joked about Beto O’Rourke and about how difficult it was to identify candidates.

“Most of these people are completely unknown to the vast majority of Americans. You have two hours of television and I had friends texting me saying ‘who’s the scared looking one?’ — ‘hmm you mean Beto?'”

Watch above, via CNN.

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