Does Trump Have a Shot of Winning New York? Brian Kilmeade Thinks So.


Not since Ronald Reagan in 1984 has a Republican presidential candidate won the state of New York. But one Fox & Friends host thinks that President Donald Trump can capture the Empire State this time around.

During an interview with the president on Fox & Friends Monday, host Brian Kilmeade introduced the possibility of Trump claiming victory in the Big Apple.

“I have watched three huge parades through Long Island, one through Fifth Avenue, and no one’s organizing it,” Kilmeade said. “They’re just organizing it through social media. And they want you to push to win New York. I asked for the poll numbers, and it says you’re trailing by 20. With everyone out of the city because of what a hell hole it’s become, and with this passion in upstate New York, do you want to give a shot at New York?”

“I do, I really do,” Trump said. He added, “New York is run so badly. And I say, ‘Why would I lose New York?’ Upstate New York, Long Island, all those areas, I win by a landslide. It’s only that core. And that core is rotting because of bad management, bad politics. The core of New York is rotting, and people have left … I’m going to give it a shot, I think you’re 100 percent right, Brian.”

But Brian is 100 percent wrong. Trump has absolutely no chance to win — or even come close — in New York.

It’s a fantasy Trump has indulged in throughout the campaign. In August, the president told the New York Post that he believes he has a “very good chance” to win New York.

“We’re putting New York in play,” he said. “We’re going to play it very strong and very hard.”

But no matter how strong and hard he plays it, winning New York is a total pipe dream. Recent polls from SurveyMonkey (via FiveThirtyEight) have consistently shown Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by more than 30 points in New York — not 20, as Kilmeade claimed. Similarly, an Oct. 2 poll from Siena showed the president down by 32. Moreover, two-thirds of the respondents in that Siena survey came from Upstate or Long Island — debunking Trump’s notion that he is winning those areas by wide margins, or at all, for that matter.

Given all the incorrect forecasts about the 2016 election, one might tread lightly about making such definitive predictions in 2020. But there is absolutely no need to do so, when it comes to New York. Donald Trump cannot win.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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