Joe Biden Just Doubled His Lead Over Trump in Latest Poll Out of Michigan


Presumptive Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden widened his lead over President Donald Trump to 12 points, in the newest polling in battleground state Michigan.

Biden leads Trump 53% to 41% in the most recent EPIC-MRA poll in the state, which was published this week. That’s up from January’s result of 50 to 44 for Biden, a gain of 6 points and a doubling of the lead.

On the question of whether, if the election for President were held today, a respondent would “vote for Donald Trump the Republican or Joe Biden the Democrat,” 41% picked Trump and 50% picked Biden.

For those who were undecided, they were then asked, “Well, if the election was being held today, and you had to decide right now, which candidate would you lean toward?”

An additional 3% selected “Lean toward Biden” and none selected “Lean toward Trump.”

The makes a total of 53% who would vote for or lean toward voting for Biden if the election were held today, and only 41% for Trump.

The poll also shows that a majority of Michiganders are unhappy with how Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic, while nationally controversial Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had a majority positive response.

On Saturday, the RealClearPolitics average shows Biden up by 7.3 over Trump in the state.

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