Journalists Defend Politico’s Tim Alberta Following Report That DNC Doesn’t Want Him to Moderate Debate


A number of journalists and commentators defended Politico’s Tim Alberta following a new report that alleges Democratic Party officials don’t want him to moderate an upcoming debate.

The report from NBC’s Dylan Byers says the DNC thinks Alberta is “ill-suited” to moderate the Democratic debate in December because he used to write for National Review and writes about the Republican Party, and other journalists at Politico and PBS agree with the assessment.

“Politico’s decision to push for Alberta has rankled officials at the DNC, as well as some journalists at PBS and even Politico, the sources said. The reason: Alberta previously wrote for National Review, a conservative magazine, and has spent the bulk of his recent career chronicling the Republican Party.

Democratic Party officials say such a journalist is ill-suited to co-moderate a debate meant to better inform Democratic voters about their potential nominees.”

Representatives from both Politico and the DNC declined to comment and Alberta declined to comment to NBC.

A number of journalists and others who know Alberta tweeted out their support for him following the report’s publication, stressing that they know Alberta – Politico’s chief political correspondent – to be plenty qualified to moderate.


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