Joy Reid: Trump Supporters Decided All of His ‘Cruelty’ Was Fine, So ‘Yeah, We’re Gonna Dunk on Y’all’ Today


Joy Reid called in to MSNBC to talk with Lawrence O’Donnell to react to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris beating President Donald Trump.

Reid revealed she was in the middle of getting a covid test when she heard the news and said she subsequently walked to Times Square. “And honestly, it’s like a new day, Lawrence. It’s like the city has woken up from a slumber.”

Reid then responded to people saying “don’t dunk on Trump supporters today.”

“Sorry, that’s what people are going to do,” she said.

Reid elaborated:

“We have had four years of mass deaths. 240,000 of our fellow Americans have died and Donald Trump was vowing to kill another several million of us through herd immunity. He didn’t care about the dead. He ripped 1,000 children from their parents without a second thought. Stephen Miller has been installed in the White House for four years practicing open, vile racism and xenophobia and making it policy. Millions of federal employees, hundreds of thousands of them have been barred from talking about systemic racism. They reversed policy on everything that was designed to make this country more fair for people like me. My immigrant family members, none of them could have come here under the rules that they placed against people who are Black and brown and coming from countries that are majority Muslim. They banned Muslim travelers, grandmas that wanted to see their grandkids. The cruelty, the hideousness of this administration. The awfulness. They were threatening to take away my friends that are gay, that are married, and invalidate their marriages. They put in a Supreme Court that threatened to take away our health care, our desperately-needed health care. All my kids except one would be off my health care if they accomplished that. They are threatening our lives. They don’t mind if we die. So I’m sorry if the Trump supporters are feeling a little sad this morning, but, yes, we’re going to dunk on y’all, because you 70 million people said all of that was fine, do more of that, just give me a few more pennies in tax cuts if you don’t make a million dollars a year. You didn’t even really get anything. All you got was cruelty towards people like me.”

“This country is awake. We finally feel like we can breathe,” Reid added.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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