MAGA Twitter Runs Wild With Rush Limbaugh’s False Claim that ABC ‘Retracted’ Calling Arizona for Biden


A rumor spread through MAGA Twitter on Wednesday that ABC News had retracted its projection that Joe Biden was set to win the state of Arizona, a claim that was treated as a hopeful sign that other calls for the state in the Democratic candidate’s favor were mistaken.

But ABC News never called Arizona for Joe Biden. The outlet has refrained from calling the state for either candidate, as hundreds of thousands of votes are still being counted. Fox News called Arizona for Biden first on Tuesday night, prompting outrage from the Trump campaign, which has claimed it’s too early. The AP soon followed suit, calling the state for Biden.

The rumor was inspired by conservative radio titan Rush Limbaugh, who made the following claim on his show Wednesday, which you can listen to above.

I need more than one source on this. I’ve just heard that ABC News has taken in Arizona down for Joe Biden. I just found this, I don’t have enough time to research myself so I have assigned somebody to try to. OK, so they have they have taken it away. ABC has taken it away from Biden. It’s not that they’ve given it to Trump, it’s just that it’s still undecided. Well, at least they took it away.

That prompted many pro-Trump Twitter accounts to spread the claim. “Looks like [ABC News] has pulled the win in Arizona for Biden,” tweeted Women For Trump co-founder Amy Kremer.

Pamela Geller, a right wing pundit and anti-Muslim activist, posted a story on her website that credited Limbaugh with the scoop: “Rush is reporting that ABC news is removing Arizona from Biden.”

As FiveThirtyEight editor and ABC News analyst Nate Silver has noted, ABC has not called Arizona for Biden. The race remains tight, with thousands of votes still being counted.

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