Sanders Campaign Erupts on Chuck Todd for Citing Quote Comparing ‘Bernie Bros’ to Nazis


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was called out by the Sanders campaign and blasted by other online critics for reading a conservative columnist’s quote that analogized the candidate’s “Bernie Bro” supporters to a “digital brown shirt brigade.”

On Monday’s Meet the Press Daily, Todd was discussing the state of the 2020 Democratic primary when he a cited column at The Bulwark by Jonathan V. Last entitled “Bernie Bros and the Internet of Beefs,” that had as it sub headline: “What if Bernie Sanders’ internet mobs are an asset, and not a liability?” Last argued that there is a moral difference between Sanders and Trump supporters, but that their alleged vicious online attacks are tactically the same.

“Jonathan Last put in The Bulwark today about how,” Todd began before addressing his guest, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus. “Ruth, we have all been on the receiving end of the Bernie online brigade. Here’s what [Last] says, no other candidate has anything like this digital brown shirt brigade except for Donald Trump. The question is this, ‘What if you can’t win the presidency without an online mob? What if we live where having an a bullying, aggro social media online army popping anyone who sticks their head up, is an ingredient for or a critical marker of success?”

“I know everyone is freaking out about his, but you saw the MAGA rally that’s preparing around here,” Todd added. “There are people coming from three or four states, that’s real. This is like Bernie.”

“That is a really depressing sentence that you just read,” Marcus replied. “And we saw a little bit of this at the state party Democratic dinner Saturday night where Pete Buttigieg was talking about how it’s not — ‘You can’t always have a revolution,’ and the Bernie supporters there, great flashing purple signs, starting to chant ‘Wall Street Pete, Wall Street Pete.’ This is the makings of an ugly primary season coming ahead of us and the makings of a potentially ugly general election campaign.”

Todd’s decision to bring up Last’s clear Nazi allusion in the discussion triggered an immediate, forceful response from Sanders’ national press secretary, Briahna Joy, and his campaign spokesperson, David Sirota, who claimed MSNBC was displayed “contempt” for “ordinary people” and that the network was “very frightened” of “ordinary voters.” But they did not note that Todd was citing Last’s column.

Others joined in, admonishing Todd for amplifying what they saw as a blatantly ahistorical slur against a Jewish candidate.

Watch the above video, via MSNBC.

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