Stacey Abrams Teases Potential 2020 Bid: ‘I Could Enter the Conversation as Late as the Fall’


Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continues to tease a possible bid for president, telling MSNBC that “I’m going to keep watching and decide if I need to jump in” potentially as late as the fall of this year.

Abrams spoke with Hallie Jackson on MSNBC Live Thursday, who asked Abrams if she was prepared “to shut the door on a presidential run right now?”

Abrams responded no, saying “as I’ve said before I’m watching to see what happens.”

Jackson also asked Abrams about her timeline where she indicated she may announce a run as late as September, noting the former Georgia state representative would miss out on a lot of campaigning and early debates.

“I think the debates are an important part of this process, but the debates are new,” Abrams said, noting she would miss the first primary debates under her timeline. “I believe I can enter the conversation as late as the fall and still win.”

Abrams did indicate she may be interested in serving as a running mate to the potential winner of the Democratic primary, but says “no one has reached out to me.”

“If I decide to join the fray, I look forward to being a robust competitor,” Abrams said. “If I’m not that person for one reason or another, I’m open to the conversation.”

Abrams was asked about her decision to not run for U.S. Senate in Georgia against GOP Sen. David Perdue, who is up for re-election in 2020.

“I do not believe you run for office simply because the office is there,” Abrams said. “I believe a Democrat can win [in Georgia] whether their name is Stacey Abrams or not.”

(Watch above, via MSNBC)

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